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Those saying it was one game did realize it came against the best defense in the NFl, right?

Henne will tear us up, as will any other QB we play. Wilson, Brady,CKap/Smith, Henne, it really doesn't matter. This secondary outside of Reshad Jones is dog ****. Pure, dog ****.

Every year it this time we all get excited for the draft. We always shout, "next year". Well when the **** will next year ever be the year this franchise turns it around? I love this team and always will, but ****.
The bigger issue is we won't be able to score enough to win even if our dog **** secondary has a good game. 23 points to Indy we lose, 19 to Buffalo (12 offensive) we lose. The defense gets ripped on here more than the offense and they're light years better. When we score 24+ and lose we can talk about how bad the defense is but until then let's focus on the biggest issue with this team, the offense that can't score.