In the past few weeks, we have seen some of our players drop from the top ten at their position, and with good reason. However, we still do have a number of them, at least for now, going into a very tuff part of our schedule.

Let's start with special teams, who never get enough credit for what they do. Overall, we dropped from #1 to #3. Our top tens:

Thigpen is #1 as a returner., and deserves it.

Fields is #2 in punting.

Vernon is #2 as an overall ST player

Wilson is #18 but, does deserve to be mentioned.

On Defense:

Wake is #1 by a large margin.

Jones is #1 at S.

Burnett is #2 at OLB in a 4-3.

Starks is #8 at DT/NT.

Dansby is #9 at ILB.

Clemons is #19 at S.

Misi is #20 at OLB.

* Smith has dropped to #34 at CB.

On Offense:

Pouncey is #2

That's it. Fair or not?