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jake long will be on our roster next year. No way they just let him walk< he is still way better than most LTs in the league even while struggling. It would set us WAY back to have to go out and spend ANOTHER high pick on a OT and hope he turns out to be half as good as jake[QUOTE imo we done have a LT on the team in Martin and he blocked the left side (blind side ) for andrew luck in college and if Long wants big money then we let him walk and put Martin bk at his org poss , and imo he will do as good of a job as Long did.

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you guys act like jake cant cut it anymore as a OT, he is still one of the better OTs in the league, you dont move a OT to guard until they are washed up at OT. Jake is still a good OT

give him time to adjust to a totally differnt o-line scheme than he has ever played.
imo the last couple of games jake has gotten owned.