I meant to bring this up sooner but I only just found out about it like a day or two before I was leaving for Japan on my honeymoon, and I only just got back from that a few days ago.

So I guess Panini (which I'm told is the official trading card distributor for the NFL) did something a little different with their rookies this year. Instead of having the rookies sign their rookie cards (which I'm sure they did anyway) they handed them blank white cards and a bunch of markers and told them to sketch out their own cards. These one of a kind sketch cards would be randomly distributed to a lucky buyer of card packs.

As you can imagine, hilarity ensued.

I found out about this from a friend of mine, who happens to be the proud owner of the Michael Egnew card via Ebay. He brought it out when my new wife and I were over at his house watching the Dolphins demolish the hapless Jets, just a day after the wedding.

I couldn't stop laughing at this thing for a solid 15 minutes. Egnew most notable on Hard Knocks for his blank, dumbfounded stares, his hopelessly unoriginal iPad password (8484), his having his **** torn into by Mike Sherman, being the inspiration for what I feel is the most memorable quote of the entire series (Dan Campbell: "Freaking Egnew")...now transitioning as a rookie and frustrating fans and coaches alike by being completely unable to get on the field...drew the most ********, turd-looking Dolphin-like creature I have ever seen. And he colored it in solid green.

It's too perfect.

Here's an SBNation article where a writer actually analyzes the top 10 sketch cards that were emailed to him by readers. Egnew's is in there. But the even more funny one could be Lamar Miller's.


I'll spoil it.

What can you say about this? Does ANYONE want to know what is going on in Lamar Miller's brain at any given moment of the day, after seeing this card? Different colored stick figures (some happy, some not) playing around...in a river...with clouds in the sky...a random "Yay"...a hovering object that could be a loaf of bread or a football...oh, and a dead guy.


You should read the article though. The analysis of RGIII's card is awesome...and Brock Osweiler's drawing is just absurdly funny (especially if you remember his Quarterback special with Jon Gruden from prior to the Draft).