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So if Jeff Ireland picked those rotten apples why would you leave him in charge to pick the oranges? Because he hasn't done it before and we can't judge him by his apples because we're dealing with oranges? Just going off your analogy...... at what point is he just a bad GM irregardless of the produce he's picking? I don't know why you keep trying to pigeonhole me as a Peterson guy, i said i wasn't. Hypothetically if he were the GM i'd give him a chance is all i said. At the very least he built a team that competed and won games in KC. Again though, YOU'RE assuming that's the direction they would go if Ireland was canned, i could make the argument Philbin may request someone he worked with in GB or in the past. You seem to forget Peterson was a consultant that eventually led to the decision to retain Ireland, so is it possible Ross may not want his input further on? This schedule was weak sauce going into the season with only 4 teams who made the playoffs last year, the rookie qb has been working under this offense for around five years, and we returned almost all of our defensive starters from last year so i did expect this team to compete. I'm sure Ross believed the same thing too because Ireland told him there was talent, irregardless of what produce it may be akin to, on this team. If we have another losing record, i think Ireland should be gone and if Carl Peterson does take over i'll worry about that IF it does occur. I'm not going to continue to eat Jeff Ireland's rotting produce because of possible fear Carl Peterson may come sell me some that he's been keeping in his butt crack.
First off I'm holding out on Ireland until the end of the season. I won't jump the gun, there are plenty of games left to see if development and progress can be made with this past draft class.

As for your 'rookie qb' working under the same system for 5 years statement. A player with 19 collegiate starts as a QB makes him raw. Period. Running routes doesn't prepare you for handling the blitz. Running routes doesn't prepare you in manipulating a pocket. I seriously can't believe you would equate WR and QB. If Tannehill had been at least a full 2 year starter, you may have had a reason to expect playoffs. But he wasn't.

Going into this season. This team had drafted players to run completely different schemes. And it has shown on numerous occasions.

And for every action, there is a reaction. Carl Peterson is a TRUSTED advisor to Ross. He will find his way back to being a GM sooner or later. I just don't want it in MIA.