A tall, leaner offensive line prospect who is thin through the lower half and base. Doesn't possess much growth potential and will have a tough time really getting much stronger and growing into his frame. Isn't a real flexible kid. Tries to coil up into his stance and keep his base down. However, has a tough time bending at the knees into contact. Gets upright off the football in pass protection despite having some natural range and length. Struggles with balance and overall anchor ability because of his inability to sit down into his base on contact. Routinely allows defenders to get under his pad level and bully him on contact. Showcases some niftiness with his footwork and lateral quickness, but routinely can be pushed back on contact and has a tough time staying engaged through the play. Possesses above-average range, but buckets over at the waist into contact and can be side stepped laterally when caught lunging.

Displays some initial quickness off the snap in the run game when trying to get around on reach blocks and seal. Looks like a coordinated athlete to stick on slide down blocks as well, but again gets upright and doesn't generate any real power from the lower half into contact. Too often rolls his hips off the ball and can gain leverage initially, but through contact can't keep his base down. Doesn't have the natural snap/power to get a push off the football in-line and doesn't do a great job sticking to blocks through the play. Can stick to defenders, but isn't real heavy handed and has a tough time keeping his balance.

Impression: Possesses natural range and quickness for his size, but he can't bend, plays too high and lacks the frame to get much stronger. Might get drafted because of athletic qualities, but is going to have a tough time holding up vs. NFL caliber defenders.