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Thread: nfl.com-stick a fork in the 2012 phins

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    This team simply lacks an offense, that's it. We can't score points and in todays NFL not being able to score points is the kiss of death. I'll be shocked if we put up 24+ points on anyone with true sustained offensive drives for the last 6 games. I do not believe we will lose out though, our defense will eek out one or 2 more wins assuming the offense doesn't put them in too many bad spots. Here is a tough truthful comment for Finheaven posters:

    2012 Dolphins defense: Above average, not a championship caliber defense that's gonna carry a team but not nearly as bad as some here think they are. Are responsible for the 4 wins.
    2012 Dolphins offense: Pathetic, maybe the worst in the NFL. Like I said if they hang 24+ on anyone with sustained offense (not short fields or non offensive TD's) I'll be shocked.
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    When I started hearing from the media about Tannehill being compared to Bob Griese and Dan Marino as being the 3rd QB being drafted # 1 by the Miami Dolphins, right then I knew the bar was being set to high, and I said give me a freaking break.

    The Dolphins almost didn't even draft Bob Griese, but the 49ers made Griese a no brainer pick. Those that really love the game would know this tid bit history of football.

    Anyway, Steve Spurrier where were the Dolphins were leaning toward and thank the football gods above, he was selected before the Dolphins had to make their choice.

    Steve Spurrier was great in College, but unfortunately for him, he landed on a sorry ass team in San Francisco and sat on the bench for a long time behind a decent QB. (which is probably where Tannehill should be.)

    Tannehill has no real-time experience at QB, not even in college. How can we expect him to be any better than Chad Henne, let alone mentioned in the same sentence as Bob Griese and Dan Marino?

    During hard-knocks Tannehill didn't even know the divisions accurately, which shows me he has no real "passion" for the game (NFL).

    So how can we expect him to be any better than Chad Henne or even A.J. Feeley or Sage Rosenfels...?

    He's going to have to earn it on the field or on the bench.

    The Dolphins probably should have gone with Matt More just to elevate the high expectations and all the pressure.

    Ryan Tannehill was an average QB in college. We need to temper our wishes and expectations that he will be a great QB in the NFL.

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