Until we get this sorry ass O-line fixed we will never be a successful team. Every since the second Jets game our O-line has been playing like garbage and coincidentally we have lost every game since. Tennessee and Buffalo were simply blowing us up of the snap. Incognito has always been a liability. John Jerry has been below average. Martin seems to have hit the rookie wall, but the guy has shown some promise.

Jake long has had a HORRIBLE stretch as of late. We finally get a promising player at QB and he decides to have the worst year of his career. Are you ****ing kidding me. There is no way this guy gets a MAX contract. NO ****ing way. 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, draft a new RT and move Martin overt to LT.

Pouncey is the only one holding his own.

Doesn't matter who our QB is. If he doesn't have confidence in his line the game is already over.