Hi Fin Fans!
Been heading down to Ft Lauderdale last 4 years to go to Fins home game from Erie, PA. Have 6 total guys coming down and I never seem to find a real good "local" Sports bar to go to that would have a Miami type theme... These guys are all Steeler fans and I am sick of going into Black and Gold bars with them. I wanted to go somewhere that has more of a hometown atmosphere. Any suggestions? We all love our beer and bar food so that is what we are looking for. Also, any good local non-chain restuaraunts that would be worth paying a visit? Stayin for 5 days in Ft Lauderdale... By the way.... I have been at the two worst losses in Dolphins history... (Rottenburger fumble no call, and Tebow BS!) Things have to change this year!!!! FINS UP!