In case anyone is still reading page 13 of this thread, it comes down to two things:

1. New Coach = roster turnover
2. New systems take time to master

This whole "lose the locker room" stuff is naive. Veterans know point#1 and agents tell young players. Everyone in that locker room knew their would be a lot of roster turnover and everyone was playing for a roster spot on the Dolphins or another NFL team. All three veteran leaders on this leadership council is in a contract year and one thing theyare keen to showcase to the league is their lleadership ability.

Burnett said it on hard knocks, if the rookies didn't know their career was on the line before, final cut down day made it clear just how expendable players are.

For a team that was as poor as the 2011 Dolphins started, I highly doubt anyone has given up on a coaching staff that cut ties with the two marquee WR's and started a rookie QB, changed all the schemes and still managed to start 4-3 instead of 0-7. I'm sure they see how inept Coach Sporano's offense looks in New York. Nobody is giving up on this staff because we waived a journeyman WR who couldn't master the mental part of the game. But I'm quite sure Matthews, Egnew, Miller and Vernon realize how important the mental aspect is to Philbin.

Rookies need to put time in off the field and learn. To me, the Gaffney waiving is just another in what will continue to be a remaking of this roster into one that prepares well off the field. Bellichik's team was far more prepared mentally than Rex Ryan's team on Thanksgiving. Philbin is building a team of mentally prepared athletes. Get prepared or he will get rid of you.