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Very ho hum, in the sense that you don't have any real stars. The best picks, thus far, are easily Jones and Misi. Misi is playing VERY well this year, and to say otherwise is flat out wrong. He's getting off his blocks, his tracking his runner and he's taking away the best angles. Oh, and he's athletic as well. Happy with his performance and play.

Odrick is meant for the 4-3 DT position and when he's played it, he's looked good. DE, not so much. The issue is that he's still behind the man he was drafted to replace, and the man who Odrick will likely not live up to matching. Starks is a fantastic 3-4 DE and a very good 4-3 DT. He's sadly going to walk, and we will plug in Odrick. It won't match production but it'll be cheaper than Starks and the drop off may not even be noticed.

Jerry is a bust at this point for me. So many coaching staffs have been unable to get his potential. If one more o-line coach tells me that he's a stud and he "just needs to do x" to realize it, I'll go nuts. You have to give up potential for production at some point.

All in all, Odrick at the 4-3 DT position once Starks is gone + Misi starting + Carrol improving or at least stop regressing... you've got 2 solid starters and 1 very quality depth player. That's not great. That's a C/C- draft.

If Jerry could live up to his potential and play "well" versus just inconsistent that'd raise this draft to a B-.
Bro I don't think Odrick could begin to take Starks place if we lose him.