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Thread: Time To Look At The Phins 2010 Draft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildbill3 View Post
    sorry, everytime someone wants to examine a draft and say "this draft sucks because we don't have any stars etc" I think back to a wonderful study datruth did in examining drafts over a 5 year period. Upon closer review he found that anything over 40 percent player retention and 1 to 2 impact players was a good to excellent draft. If jones is a bonifide top 10 safety and we keep 4 or 5 guys from that draft on the team as starters, then 2010 was a success.
    How can you not see the flaw in that logic? Ireland is the one creating the roster, if he wanted to he could have 100% of his draft picks starting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roy_miami View Post
    How can you not see the flaw in that logic? Ireland is the one creating the roster, if he wanted to he could have 100% of his draft picks starting.
    No, if the coaches wanted to they could have 100 percent of the drafts starting. Ireland has to beg the coaches to give the rookies some touches so he can evaluate them.
    "I didn't feel like we had to score," Tannehill said. "I had the mindset we were going to score."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southbeach 2 View Post
    lol. I don't love or hate Ireland. I think he's fair/average, same as the team, and same as this draft. I do remember, for sure, that Tuna told Ireland to get him a 2nd round pick that year. So, Tuna was making final decisions until 2011.

    We had Starks, Langford, McD, and Merling at that time, the same type of players as Pee Wee, and they did well the year before. We also had Feg retiring, Soliai looking like a huge bust, and failed to get a NT in FA. The plan was to have Starks play NT, which depleted our rotation at 3-4 DE. I did not like the Odrick pick but, the position was not as good or deep at the time, compared to what it turned out to be.

    Getting 6 of 8 NFL players, with 4 NFL starters 3 years later, was not a bad draft. It just lacked the play maker to make it above fair, and what Phans so desperately wanted.
    Well, the question is this, are they starters in ANY NFL team or just in ours? Which of those players would be starting in a good team? You said yourself that the draft was average and that he's average. Well, if you want average then you'll be ok with him. want to see us win a superbowl one day and average will not get us that.

    Ozzy rules!!
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