So I have just became aware of the ridiculous rule that went against the falcons last week and the lions today that you can't throw a challenge flag on a play that's already going to be reviewed or you get a penalty and lose the chance at getting it reviewed. First of all this might be the dumbest rule I have ever heard of in my life. The refs made the mistake of not blowing the whistle and giving the texans a free td but then the coach is punished by wanting to challenge the refs mentally ******** mistake. Anyways here is my question. What if the dolphins score a td that we all know is going to be overturned. Even philbin knows it Why not throw the challenge flag on your own touch down to make it so it is not reviewable Is there a rule that prevents it? Anyways the rule is really dumb and I want to punch rodger in the face for ruining the nfl year after year