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Whats not to like from Cato's arguements? For instance for starters, getting of a government entity that wasn't started until the 70's, whose budget has exploded exponentily and influence on the local and state level has grown tremendously that even if states wanted to change their policies there's a lot of money putting up a firewall, and seems really bi-partisan in its failure and as the President stated is a danger of our kids future...so why shouldn't we abolish the Department of Education.
What does the legalization of drugs have to do with the Department of Education?

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Won't this just mean the state and locals are going to be replaced by federalies for enforcement. As recent history suggests with illegal immigration, just because states may want something doesn't mean the federal government's not going to allow them to have it without a fight.

Perhaps to a degree, but not to the extent that local departments are able to enforce. The Feds may bust in on a few pot shops (as evidenced in California), because they're easy standing-targets, but that's about the extent of it.

I agree that the Feds will fight this thing till the bitter end, but I believe the legalization process is a slow-moving inevitability.