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Thread: Krugman finally comes out and says it: "Print our way out of debt".

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    Krugman finally comes out and says it: "Print our way out of debt".

    For we have our own currency ó and almost all of our debt, both private and public, is denominated in dollars. So our government, unlike the Greek government, literally canít run out of money. After all, it can print the stuff. So thereís almost no risk that America will default on its debt ó Iíd say no risk at all if it werenít for the possibility that Republicans would once again try to hold the nation hostage over the debt ceiling.

    But if the U.S. government prints money to pay its bills, wonít that lead to inflation? No, not if the economy is still depressed.

    Now, itís true that investors might start to expect higher inflation some years down the road. They might also push down the value of the dollar. Both of these things, however, would actually help rather than hurt the U.S. economy right now: expected inflation would discourage corporations and families from sitting on cash, while a weaker dollar would make our exports more competitive......

    Here he is in 2003 saying the exact opposite and sounding just like the "deficit scolds" he attacks......

    How will the train wreck play itself out? Maybe a future administration will use butterfly ballots to disenfranchise retirees, making it possible to slash Social Security and Medicare. Or maybe a repentant Rush Limbaugh will lead the drive to raise taxes on the rich. But my prediction is that politicians will eventually be tempted to resolve the crisis the way irresponsible governments usually do: by printing money, both to pay current bills and to inflate away debt.

    And as that temptation becomes obvious, interest rates will soar. It won't happen right away. With the economy stalling and the stock market plunging, short-term rates are probably headed down, not up, in the next few months, and mortgage rates may not have hit bottom yet. But unless we slide into Japanese-style deflation, there are much higher interest rates in our future.

    I think that the main thing keeping long-term interest rates low right now is cognitive dissonance. Even though the business community is starting to get scared -- the ultra-establishment Committee for Economic Development now warns that ''a fiscal crisis threatens our future standard of living'' -- investors still can't believe that the leaders of the United States are acting like the rulers of a banana republic. But I've done the math, and reached my own conclusions -- and I've locked in my rate.

    "Politics is the Art of Looking for Trouble, Finding it Everywhere, Diagnosing it Incorrectly, and Applying the Wrong Remedies"
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    Monetize the debt.....of course they will. Does anyone actually think the pols will show any kind of fiscal discipline and rein in spending?

    Republicans and Democrats.....2 heads of the same snake.
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life
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