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It's likely Miami is looking at 1-2 more wins this season, with Buffalo and Jacksonville remaining on the schedule. 6-7 wins, would probably mean, Miami will be picking from 12-16 depending on what other teams do. But I do agree Doubling up makes a lot of sense considering the need for CB's and WR's. I saw a recent mock having Miami at #14 picking Dee Milliner. Which made a lot of sense!!! This is going to be the most pivotal draft in recent Dolphins history. Much is on the line in 2013 come draft day. I just hope most of those high end junior's declare pushing talent down into Miami's area of selecting. I'd be very surprised if they traded down.
I agree on 6-7 wins. Can't see Miami beating NE or SF with the way those teams are playing. As to Milliner that would be a nice pick. The three I'd like if Miami is close to top 10 are Werner, Jones and Milliner. I know Jones is in a 3-4 defense, but the way Georgia uses him I think he could work in a 4-3.