For those of you attending this weeks Pats game, i'd love to come by your tailgate and say hey, if ya would'nt mind? Be great to meet ya in person.. Living up here in New England (football hell) I only get to chat Dolphins on the site here, so I'd LOVE to do it in person.. If you have a section in the lot that you always go to, please feel free to share it, and I will try to make it over. I'll be with the wife and "unfortunately" 2 of my buds that are Pats fans and their wives, but they are cool and would never preach their Patriot bull**** in Dolphin country.. They actually even agreed to NOT wear any Pats gear. Im getting my tix from Brian Gaines, so i told them they could'nt wear any Pats gear, or he would'nt give us the tix and they agreed!!