After watching the game a second time, I am going to be feasting on a bit of, after Thanksgiving, CROW, from Gonzo & friends, without much spice.

Our safeties were VG yet again vs the run, with Jones giving up one catch for 9 yards, and Clemons giving up one for 4 yards. Well Done by anyone's standards.

On to the CB's. Carroll split time with Stanford, and gave up a couple of catches for nothing. Stanford gave up that 32 yarder but, not because of his coverage, just a great play which happens.

Now to the CROW aka Smith. I cannot fault him on the TD where a backup TE runs across to back of the end zone the width of the field, JMO, However, his coverage on Rice was BAD. He got beat on 3 for 72 yards, and, with a better QB could have been lit up for over 200. He looked lost, and is not the same player I saw earlier in the year. Don't know what happened, in still playing for a new contract but, in this game he pretty much sucked.

So, time for LOTS of mango salsa to put on my crow. LOL