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When it comes to making sure Jet fans suffer, there are no rules, but most of all because fans from everyother team in the division had to listen to loud mouth Jet fans talk about how great they are all off season. The thing about a Jet fan, other than the low IQ, is their great need to talk crap before they have done anything earn the right to talk crap. Hell these are the same morons that poke fun at Pats fans for losing the S.B, while in the next breath tell everyone how Great the Dity Taco is and will be, because he lost two AFC Championship games.
I doubt you'd want to compare IQ scores w/ anyone. obviously you have very low reading comprehension levels as I never said the Jets would be great this year but conbtinue spewing nonsense- that's what you are here for.

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Super bowl appearances are nice and all but nothing compares to a road win in the playoffs.
I'm sorry, I must have msised all the phins SB apps in the last 25 years or so. You have 4 playoff wins since 1993, we have 4 since 2009. which is better?