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Thread: Hello Jets fans...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    No, a whiny phin fan trying to deflect from decades of mediocrity brought up a completely meaningless poitn, I simply stated a fact that the same thing holds true for the dolphins. Sorry that bothers you.
    You misspelled "amuses".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyndig View Post
    Incredulously, I have noticed some Jets fans actually having the audacity to talk smack on this forum. I apologise in advance to the more sensitive sorts on this board, but I've got to testify...

    Check it out. Your team can't run the football. Your team can't stop the run. One of the few receiver corps in the whole league that is actually weaker than ours is yours. You have one of the worst passing games in the league and ur qb sucks. You can't block, you can't tackle and For the end of time the only thing that ur qb will be known for is for becoming so intoxicated from the stench of his own lineman's anus after he rammed it into his face that he fumbled. You do not have a quarterback, take it from us, u will suck for a long time.

    Ur O coordinator is the worst in the league, we know because we fired him last year. Ur coach is a blow hard foot sucking overrated turd. ur locker room is cancerous, and ur team is an absolute joke. You should be sitting in a dark room with your head hung low inside of a brown paper bag and your mouth should be shut. You say we are only 5 and 6? Let us not forget that one of our 5 wins was an absolute prison yard rape scene of us riding ur arse like a pony. Your team is a joke that will be blown up after this year and you will dwell in the cellar of the AFC east for a long time as we continue to ascend. Stop talking smack and go back to that dark hole u crawled out of and wallow in the cloak of failure that surrounds you, your coach, owner, fireman ED, your hole team in general.
    Ha! I just came across this November 30th 2012 post when I was looking for something else. I stand by everything I said here and for the record, the Jets finished 6 and 10 that year and have continued to suck hard since than. How are you feeling now Jets fans? Still no Quarterback?

    Mods, don't I deserve an official Jets orange badge for this one?
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