Gragg is a player.... better blocker than just about any of the TE's who have 4 inches and 30 pounds on him despite having the receiving prowess of what amounts to an overgrown wide receiver.

Joe Fauria is an absolute nightmare in the redzone. No clue when it comes to blocking... and that's being kind. I believe he has the ability to be a threat for double-digit TD's in the NFL for years.

I still prefer Ertz over Toilolo. Ertz creates more seperation in addition to just being a better player on a down to down basis, but we're not far off from each other in terms of Toilolo. Dion Sims would be right there with Ertz.

Justice Cunningham might be the most underutilized receiving talent in the country. This kid is capable of making huge plays, and never fails to step up and do just that on the rare occasions Spurrier gives him a chance to. Unselfish player who just lines up and blocks his butt off until an opportunity comes his way in the passing game. Reminds me a little bit of Troy Drayton, and wouldn't surprise me if he were to go on have a similar career despite a relatively quiet 4 years at South Carolina.