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Thread: MERGED: Dolphins top of the list in the NFL for teams losing fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nublar7 View Post
    Couldn't be more wrong Gonzo, there is definitely no hate towards Miami or its residents. None whatsoever. Disappointment and embarrassed? Yes.
    Bull****. It's pure loathing, which is evident in your complete disregard for all possible reasons for the team not selling out. You despise the fact that they don't have the undying loyalty to their local team that teams in Podunk Middle American towns enjoy, the kind of loyalty that keeps the stadium packed no matter what. You completely disregard that Miami is an entirely different market. You disregard the economy's impact there. You disregard demographics. You disregard very basic business concepts. You disregard literally everything and fall back on one asinine idea: the local fanbase sucks because they don't give undying support to a **** product.

    That loathing is pure hatred. Not disappointment, embarrassment, or any other patronizing feelings you claim to have towards the city and those that live there. That's evident in your willingness to have the team move. But I'm sure they're all very hurt by your disappointment and embarrassment.
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