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Touché. It is a bad comparison now that I read it over again. I know you're intelligent enough to understand the spirit of the argument though. Any thoughts on that?
I understand there are certain "problems" that exist in Miami than other cities. I also understand there is a big population of transplants which is why I am no longer surprised when 25-30% of the fans in the stands are rooting for the away team. I am definitely not surprised that they are expecting 20,000 Patriots fans this weekend.

At the same time, I think there are some who use excuses to try and validate the poor local fan support. The idea that Miami is so full of other things to do but other cities in the USA have nothing besides football is just plain ignorant. They act like people in the North part of the country just live in igloos and are blessed to be able to attend a sporting event, that type of thinking is disrespectful. Where I live, I don't have a beach right down the road, but do people in Miami have ski slopes? How about hiking mountains? I can go to Hershey Park in a acceptable amount of time, or visit the historic Gettysburg. We have clubs and casinos also. You don't need beaches and warm weather to have fun, there are just different ways to have fun in different parts of the country. That is why I ignore that "excuse" in debating this issue with attendance.

I know Miami has economic problems, well, so does the entire country. People are out of work up here, just like they are down there. I also know that winning will increase attendance, however we all know that doesn't completely solve the issue. The Dolphins/Colts playoff game in 2000 was not a sellout and was blacked out. Even the recent playoff game in 2008 against the Ravens struggled to sell out and that was following an 11-5 AFC East Championship regular season. Winning obviously is not going to completely solve all the problems, because we have seen these problems during winning and playoff seasons.

The accusation that I "hate" the people of Miami and want the team to move is just a lazy attempt to try and attack me personally. I love the state of Florida, I spend about an accumulation of a month during the year in the state. Not for business, but because I like to be there. I like the city of Miami and its people and can't wait until the next time I am able to get down to the area. I am embarrassed to see the stadium attendance so bad, especially when I see the local Eagles sucking this season with far better attendance. Or seeing the Buffalo Bills with solid attendance for our Thursday game a couple of weeks ago. All I ever want is to see a packed house in Miami and a true home field advantage. Instead the Dolphins are a punch line when it comes to attendance and the "empty orange seats". I want the Dolphins to always remain in Miami with their strong history, but I do fear that if things don't improve with attendance that in a decade from now we could be talking about the NFL team that used to be in Miami. I don't want them to move, I fear that could be on the table in the future.