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Please don't tell me how I feel. I think a lot of the "excuses" are just that, excuses. I don't hate Miami or the people in it, that is ridiculous to even say. I wouldn't be a fan of the Dolphins if I didn't like the state of Florida or the city of Miami. I want to see the team I love supported by the city they reside in. When I see the stadium empty on game day I am disappointed and embarrassed as a Dolphins fan. I just wish the locals loved the team as much as I do, but sadly they do not.

Also, not once did I ever say I would be happy to see the team move. Yet another attempt to put words in my mouth and spread lies. I have said I think it is a legitimate fear if the bad attendance continues over the course of a lengthy time.
If you want butts in the seats and really just want to support the team put your money where your mouth is, offer to pay a locals expenses to go to a game. If nobody takes you up on the offer then feel free to bad mouth the locals as bad fans all you want.

I'll even chip in if you want to start a fund.