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Lol at the bad stadium excuse and bad location excuse. Who the hell really cares where the stadium is located? Are you going to the game or are you looking to buy a house? It's a football game not a hollywood tour bus ride. Go to the game and leave like everybody else. Are you planning on camping out in the parking lot and walking the streets at night.

As far as the bad stadium excuse. That's a personal preference issue. If the stadium is keeping you from going to the games then stay home , we don't need fans at the game that are more concerned with the color of the bathroom walls than the actual game.
I certainly hope they are not attempting to limit the fans they "want" to those that fit a certain criteria. Getting to and from that stadium is a nightmare compared to many others I've been to. I couldn't imagine going with kids. Just one of the many small things that all add up to a big problem. But, I can see how it's much easier/more convenient to just say the local fanbase sucks. All I know is, if that's the view Ross and Co. are taking as well, good luck addressing it.