David Stern is a joke. The NBA is a joke.

They play something like 82 games and yet half of the teams in the league make the playoffs. If they dont want the Spurs to rest their aging stars, either shorten the regular season or make teams win games to qualify for the playoffs. Hell, it isnt uncommon for a team to barely break .500 to qualify in the East. Its a joke.

The NBA was just butt hurt because that Spurs/Heat game was a national TV game. The Spurs did this all last year and it paid off for them down the stretch. Yet, Stern never fined them last season. Their guys need rest to be fresh for the playoffs. The playoffs are also way too long. Its a slow motion funeral march.

This was the perfect game to give their key players a rest for several reasons......

1) There was a good chance they dont beat the Heat anyway
2) Its a non conference game
3) Everyone knows that baring injuries, the Heat will win the East. So if the Spurs win the West, they would be facing the Heat for the title. This gives the Heat one less game to have already played against the Spurs. They will only play once more in the regular season.
4) What better game for the bench players on the Spurs to get some critical experience?

Whats so ridiculous about this fine is that anyone who was going to watch that game in the first place STILL watched it. The Spurs resting old vets kept nobody from watching that game. Who in the hell watches the NBA anyway? Especially the meaningless regular season. No rap stars are rapping about Tim Duncan. The hip hop fans will watch LeBron no matter who he is playing.

Aside from all of that, it turned out to be a competative game anyway. So STFU David Stern. All you do is point out how meaningless your regular season is. Wake me up when it gets down to the conference semis. Then I will watch only to hate on the Heat.

I dont want to see Stern suspend a key player from any team from this point forward. Otherwise, he should fine himself. How dare he keep the fans from seeing the best players on the court.