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I may be the biggest fan of Justin Hunter on this site, but he is risky due to that injury. Take that away and he's probably the most talented wr in the entire draft, especially in terms of going up to get the ball where I think he is elite. I do like Keenan Allen, but now he is injured as well so that has to be factored in. Another guy I really like is Hunter's teammate Cordarelle Patterson. He might be the best after the catch in this entire draft class, plus he is 6-4.
Justin Hunter is a guy thats really intriguing...but I wouldn't draft him where we will be picking. And he is too raw to draft and expect to be a #1 immediately. I actually see him falling into the early 2nd..but probably not down to us. Im with you on Cordarelle Patterson...I get more impressed with him every time I watch him. He is an absolute stud...I actually like him more than I like Hunter