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Agree I think he could shoot up draft boards...but top 15 is pretty rich. Although it only takes one team, and if Im not mistaken I think Slimm recently said he had him as his top WR if he comes out.

I really like him, but there are some pretty good receivers out there that other teams might like even more. I think you have Keenan Allen as a sure 1st rounder. After that, you have Woods, Patterson, Hopkins, Hunter, Bailey, Williams, etc etc. Lots of names out there..I think we can get ourselves a really good player in the 2nd round if it plays out like that
I wonder if Miami would take a chance on someone like Da'Rick Rogers or Wilson from Washington maybe in the 2nd or 3rd? I think the problem now is that we can add LT to the needs list. Jake Long just can't stay healthy. As to Cordarelle Patterson, I really like him a lot. I might take him over Keenan Allen and I like Allen. Is that crazy?