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QB would probably be one of the only positions I wouldn't look at, as long as we keep Matt Moore as the backup to Tannehill....I would keep Devlin around as the #3. Montee Ball is a guy who should be a nice workhorse back. I think Reggie is getting up there in age and I probably would let him go and maybe have Thomas and a guy like Montee Ball sharing the workload, if we were to go with a RB early on. I dont think we should take a RB with our first or 2A pick but maybe with a 2B pick if Ball is still on the board. I wonder how much Ireland focuses on "team need" versus taking the BPA....we have tons of needs so it wouldn't hurt us either way.
Having Ireland in charge of the draft scares me no matter which way he goes whether it is BPA or need. My biggest fear is we going to hear,"With Miami's first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Dolphins select OL..."