Hey all, I'm not a frequent poster in this forum, but I read a lot. I have an old colleague who is everything anti democrat and that is fine I guess. To each his own. But, everytime he posts something on facebook or whatever, it's usually quite derogatory and at best a half truth.

I'm not exactly an avid hunter, although I do pheasant hunt with a shotgun and whitetail deer hunt with a .50 caliber muzzleloader and a bow. I am by no means a 2nd ammendment activist or gun activist... which brings me to my question seeking anybody who cares to give input with a reply.

Today he threw up an article about the newly released gun ban list democrats have put out... I thumbed through the list and found about 3 guns that I had even heard of. Ak 47, AR 15, and uzi.... thats about the extent of what I knew....

basically, I'm of the thought that wtf do we need guns like that for anyway, and the basic argument is just that its' a 2nd ammendment right and they need it to protect themselves from tyranny and yada yada.... i always thought it was mostly the hunting crowd who bitched about the dems wanting gun control in which case I've never heard or seen anybody hunting with those guns on that list. at any rate, I'm just wanting to soak up some info, so I can gain a little knowledge of truth and falsehood... thanks for any input you are willing to give.