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the 2 SBs in the last 5 years boosted the Giants from 1 more SB win than us to 4, what is your point?

we made the playoffs in '09, stop whining. If you didn't play dead teams throughout 2008 you wouldn't have made the playoffs but you did and you made it.

I only go by the experts on here and the experts here told me 9-11 wins, playoff berth and possible overtaking of the Pats.

playoff apps/wins in AFC:
NE: 9 playoff apps, 16 playoff wins, Jets 1-1 vs. them in postseason
Ind: 9 playoff apps, 9 playoff wins. Jets 2-1 vs. them in postseason
Pitt: 8 playoff apps, 12 playoff wins, Jets 0-2 vs Pitt
Bal: 7 playoff apps, 6 playoff wins, 0-0
NYJ: 6 playoff apps, 6 playoff wins
SD: 5 playoff apps, 3 playoff wins. NYJ 2-0 vs. SD
Ten: 4 playoff apps, 2 playoff wins
Den: 4 playoff apps, 2 playoff wins
Cin: 3 playoff apps, 0 playoff wins. NYJ 1-0 vs. Cin
KC: 3 playoff apps, 0 playoff wins
Oak: 2 playoff apps, 3 playoff wins. NYJ 0-2 vs. Oak
Jax: 2 playoff apps, 1 playoff win
Mia: 2 playoff apps, ZERO playoff wins
Hou: 1 playoff app, 1 playoff win
Cle: 1 playoff app, 0 playoff wins
Buf: zero playoff apps

5th in playoff apps out of 16 teams, 4th in playoff wins.

we have a QB we know we can win w/ if surrounded w/ the right cast, you have no idea about yours yet.
Oh yeah, I see what youíre saying, the Jets are set at QB for years to come. God I hope Rex and the rest of the rest of the guys down in that swamp ridden garbage dump of Jersey agree with you. Because other than watching my team position themselves for yet another playoff run, the second best part of the football season is watching Jet fans see their dreams come crashing down every year, and then guys like you playing make believe so you donít have to deal with the reality of the situation. Youíre like the guy that's up to his neck in flood waters commenting on how dry his hair still is.