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losing games early in the season? I said we lost our last 3 in '00 and 6 of 9, we lost 4 of 5 in 2008. using your logic you didn't earn either div title, we handed them to you.

I haven't been proven wrong, we didn't need to win a game after week 15 so essentially we clinched w/ our week 15 win and again we only needed a tie in week 17. There's no way we attempt a 50+ yd FG late in OT if we didn't know Buf had lost.

You can use the 12 worst years excuse but every decade Miami is getting worse. SB wins in the 70s, sb apps in the 80s, 1 title game app in the 90s, 1 playoff win in the 00s.

we have 6 more playoff wins since 2001, 5 more since '00. You have 1 playoff win since '00, your last title game app was 1992. we have been much better for a LONG time and that will likely continue b/c we have a down year here and there but alway bounce back, you guys stay down.

The Dolphins were never behind the Jets in 00 from week 12 on. The Dolphins were tied at 9-5 with 3 games to go and beat the Jets themselves in week 17 in 08. That is not needing help. If the Jets were ahead late in the season before losing more games, that would be different. Here is a good example: the Jets were 2 games behind Miami with 2 games to go in 02. That is needing help. The Jets lost 3 of 4 in 06 and would not have made it had Buff won. That is needing help.

2 Super Bowl wins,
5 Super Bowl apps
13 AFCE titles
22 NFL playoff apps

All of that while getting worse each decade. Let's compare that to the Elite Jets who have been one of the best AFC teams for a decade now.

1 AFL / NFL Championship
0 Conference Championships
2 AFCE titles
12 NFL playoff apps

Man, if the Dolphins could only be like the Jets.

It is not an excuse. I can't think of another 12 year period that was worse than the last 12 years and the Jets are barley ahead in playoff apps and regular season wins. Bragging about being little better in that time frame is laughable. Your team should have been way more ahead than they are. Thinking they will continue to be, is even more funny. The Jets are on the verge of a complete overhaul. I don't know what the future holds for the Dolphins, but I know right now it looks much better than the Jets.

You absolutely were proven wrong. You make assumptions and call them facts. I gave you quotes from the head coaches and players that say the complete opposite of what you claim. The fact is, the Jets lost 3 of their last 4 and needed Buff to lose the final game of the season to get in. There is no getting around that. The best teams don't back in like that.