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You have to GOT to be kidding! The Jets have only been relevant for a season and a half in the last 12 years and yet you call them one of the best?!? Stop the madness!! Right now, the Jets couldn't beat their way out of a wet paper bag!! You say they're in a play-off race?....it's more like a play-off HOPE! IF the miracle of miracles happen this year and the Jests happen to find their way in do you honestly think they will beat Den/NE/Balt only to go to Texas? They would get their asses handed to them in a muddy garbage bag. BUT, it just doesn't matter 'cause the Pests aren't making it.
that's a season and a half more than Miami, right?

at the moment(we could lose tonight) as bad as we have been we have a better record than Miami, right? we have a soft final 3 games, if we win out we'll have a great shot to make the playoffs- actually I think we will make it IF we win out.

if we were one and done at least we would have made it, this has been a horrible year and to make the playoffs in a horrible year would be an amazing accomplishment.