Keenan Allen has the better upside. When he learns to be more disciplined with his feet during and after the catch he won't have as much issue falling down. The NFL is a physical game and Keenan Allen is a physical player. He's got tremendous size, strength and athleticism. He's actually pretty salty after the catch and on the run, and he can get beyond physical coverage. I think when you see the two run the 40 you'll realize what the film may have already hinted at, which is that for all this talk of Patterson being the deep threat, Keenan Allen is probably faster. Allen also can play all three of the WR positions, more versatile, can find more ways to get him the ball. If you get Cordarelle Patterson into the NFL and suddenly find that A) He's not actually fast enough to casually blow by corners with deep coverage responsibility, and B) He gets intimidated by're sunk.

Allen didn't get much of a chance to show his skills because his brother the quarterback was ****ing awful. Cordarelle Patterson had Tyler Bray throwing to him and Justin Hunter claiming the bulk of opposing defenses' time in the film room. Keenan Allen gets his brother throwing to him, and he's been the guy with the mark on his back for defenses for over two years now. People need to keep that in mind when they compare the two players.

I don't believe in a Keenan Allen the way I believed in a Hakeem Nicks or Dez Bryant. He doesn't speak to me that way. But I think he probably deserves the top billing in this WRs class.

Patterson has his place because he's gifted in both the height department as well as his lateral agility, change of direction. As good open field run instincts as you'll see. But the thing you have to wonder about a Cordarelle Patterson is why am I drafting him in the 1st round when it looks like I might be able to get Marquess Wilson (who is virtually the same player) in the 3rd or 4th round?