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I'd be happy with either, but given a choice I'd prefer both Tennessee guys over Allen. Patterson definitely has deep speed, and IMHO it's quite evident. He has a great burst and lateral cutting ability. Physically, he's the total package. My only concerns would be that he's still a bit raw, and would take longer to make it into the starting lineup. Between Allen and Patterson, Patterson is faster and has significantly more big play potential. He can stretch a defense, keep safeties out of the box, and his speed provides a cushion. Allen is more of an underneath receiver, and while he can excel in the WCO, I think that type of WR is easier to find.
I disagree with Allen not having big play potential and being an "easy receiver to find", but I plan on watching some of Patterson after this Celtics game and before the Heat later tonight.

Football season is about over. It's draft time