I guess we can add left tackle to the Dolphins list of needs now, or right tackle if Jonathan Martin is moved to the left. So the question is how much does Long's injury affect the offseason and, specifically, the draft? As is stands, we all know the Dolphins need that physical presence at wide receiver and also someone who can take the top off a defense. It could be two players or one guy who can do both. We need a pass rusher opposite Cam Wake, maybe even two guys who can harass the qb on a consistent basis. We need a shutdown corner and at least one zone blocking guard. And the team needs a tight end who can stretch the defense and possibly a safety. Linebacking depth is also an issue.

With all the needs the team has it seems the best player available in each round would serve Miami well. But, the team has to be able to protect Ryan Tannehill and get him some weapons. Does this draft now become primarily offensive and what right tackles could be had in the 2nd/3rd/4th rounds who could start immediately and be at least solid? Are we now looking offensive line earlier than anticipated?