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Well, I guess I don't view any of the FA wr's as ''stars.''
Obviously I want ''stars'' on this team, what fan doesn't lol.
I could be wrong, but right now imho none of the FA wr's are stars, and expectations will be unreasonably high if any of them are signed.

Don't get me wrong, I obviously wouldn't mind signing Wallace/Jennings/Bowe in addition to drafting some wr's.
My only worry is at what cost.
You rarely see Pittsburgh just let go of productive guys.
I like Wallace, but imho, he's not a true number one wr, in the sense of being a redzone threat,etc.
Jennings would be a great addition too, I'm just worried about his health/age.
I just don't want to break the bank for any of these FA wr's.

I know we are all starved for wr's, the worry is that we start reaching for needs, for guys that we think are better than they really are.
I guess my point is that I don't view Wallace or Jennings as true number 1's.
Bowe maybe I guess? If coaching get through to him?
I would prefer drafting wr's in addition to signing one of the FA wr's.
But I seriously doubt we will get any of those guys for a good price, hence why I made my comment about sticking to the draft.
If Jennings, Bowe and Wallace are not stars than somehow we're suppose to draft the next C.Johnson or A.Johnson. The only problem with that is there's only two of them in the league. We have young receivers, a FA like Jennings would really boost the overall production. I'm fine with drafting a receiver along with a wr in FA, but that can't be all. We need a real weapon at TE to go with them, surround RT with so much talent that there is no excuses at the end of the day.