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This year it is absolutely true. Last year he did have a good year but also had the opportunity to since he was getting a vast majority of the targets. You can't refute his shakey hands though.

i lived in PITT the past 4 years, paid close attention to the team (you ever want to see a truly dedicated intelligent fan base go to PITT) during the off season and throughout seasons. You want to know the reason he just started with these drops??? It's because hailey wants him to actually try and be a complete receiver. If you actually think Wallace is a better receiver than Marshall you're out of your mind. He can take the top off a defense no doubt but ask him o catch a dig route in traffic with a cornerback draped all over him GOOD LUck.

fact of the matter is the guy isn't a total package #1 and he's going to want #1 money.

I'm not complaining about us letting go of Marshall but to replace him with one of these guys would drive me crazy. Take a look at all the talent at WR this year we could potentially get 2 starters for the price of one of these guys.
In bold no one has ever said that and will likely not get one as good as him to begin with unless jennings plays like he did last year or bowe plays to his talents with a real qb and talented receivers around him. As for bowe stats being empty this year it's only true for 2/3games this year and everyone in the league knows how talented he is. I pay bowe number WR money easily and even if he only ended up 200 yards this season I wouldn't blame him for the garbage QBs he's playing with and the whole mess the chiefs have been this season.

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and no rokie wr,no matter how talented will not make an instant impactin this offense unless your name is swope
This we need vets to help out tanny not a rookie relying on him.