Is the problem that he has more interceptions than touchdown passes? Good thing Peyton Manning wasn't a rookie in Miami.
Is the problem his 72.3 passer rating? He's just four points behind Andrew Luck on that.
Is it his 57.9% completion rate? Matt Moore has exactly the same percentage on the season, and he's actually ahead of Luck.
Is it just the 2,559 yards for which he has thrown this year? That ranks him 20th in the league, and is the highest yardage for a Dolphins rookie, ever.
Maybe it's the 7.05 yards per attempt average. That's 19th in the league, ahead ofCarson Palmer, Matthew Stafford, and Phillip Rivers. And, that's running a west coast offense that uses short passing route predominantly.
Is Ryan Tannehill a sure fire "franchise" quarterback, destined to take Miami to the Super Bowl? Who knows. But, I do know, benching him serves no purpose, and will make it even harder for the Dolphins to win that Lombardi Trophy. Stunting the rookie's growth now would be the biggest mistake the team could make.


Maybe Tannehill isn't so bad, bro. He's actually been having a darn good season. I really dont understand how people like you can say that he's that bad of a QB.

He's a rookie. He's going to mess up. I'd love to see what a Brady or a Manning could do with these receivers, this playcalling, this o-line, and this running game. My bets are the wouldn't do too hot.