Dude, youre setting yourself up for dissapointment in the worst way. Miami IS NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT making the playoffs this year. I feel for ya man, because those of you who think Miami has a shot are the ones who are going to be hurt the most.

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Look, I know nearly everybody else has given up on this season but I just cant let go. I know I will get blasted by all of you and people will think I am an idiot, but until we are mathmatically eliminated I can still dream. I for one am not immpressed with the 49ers. I know they win and have a good record and all that but I seriously think Miami can and will beat them. SF can beat anyone but I feel anyone can beat them as well. For some reason I think the Jags at home is a scary game. I know they have struggled but this has "the Titans game feel" for me. With that being said Miami should still get the ugly win and go to 7-7. The Bills @ home and the Pats to finish out. Buffalo will be tough on us as always but we win big in this one. A lot like the Oakland game in week 2 Miami basically beat themselves yesterday with just too many mistakes and not taking advantage of oppertunities and NE may even be resting Brady on week 17. So who knows, if this team plays like they can we can win out. Hey, wilder things have happened in th NFL. Now if we finish 9-7 we also need Pittsburgh and Cinncinatti to be 9-7 as well. The Jets will play themselves out as they will be lucky to win again and we will eliminate the bills week 16.

Pittsburgh--- SD, @ Dallas, Cinncinnatti, Cleveland

Cinncinnatti--- Dallas, @ Philadelphia, @ Pittsburgh, Baltimore

I have the Steelers losing to Dallas who is fighting for their playoff lives in Dallas and the Bengals in a division game. The Chargers or Browns are capable of winning but I had Pitt winning those two. I have the Bengals also losing to Dallas then Baltimore in week 17. Who knows maybe the Eagles surprises them in Phily to help us out. If these things happen we will be the 6 seed according to the ESPN playoff machine. I know I am asking for a miracle but I will not give up until we mathmatically done. Call me crazy but the Steelers and Bengals could lose those games. The big thing is Miami winning out but it isnt over just yet. At least in my eyes.