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Thread: 44 Year Old Mom Breaks Women's "Beer Mile" World Record!

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    Props 2u 44 Year Old Mom Breaks Women's "Beer Mile" World Record!

    A woman after Bumpus's own heart!

    Chris Kimbrough went on a beer run and came back with a world record.
    Welcome to the "beer mile." It really exists and it's got a new star.
    Kimbrough, a 44-year-old mother of six from Austin, Texas, set the women's mark of 6 minutes, 28.6 seconds on Nov. 2, besting the previous record by 13.4 seconds, according to reports.

    According to rules on the website, competitors must drink a beer before each of the four laps around a track. The website lists Kimbrough as the event's top female performer.
    ďI didnít want it to be a public thing [laughs], and then it ended up being a public thing," Kimbrough told the Runner's World Newswire. "I really didnít think I could do it. Thatís a lot of beer in six minutes!Ē
    Kimbrough has serious running cred, having finished 39th in the 2008 U.S. Olympic Women's Marathon trials. But she had never attempted the beer mile, the YouTube description notes. Alteration Ale (5.1 percent alcohol) was the brew she consumed during the attempt.
    Kimbrough, who shattered a mark that had stood since 1997, will be back for another round. She qualified for the Flo Beer Mile World Championship in Austin on Dec. 3, the championship site notes.
    Kinda gives finishing kick a whole new meaning.
    H/T For The Win

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