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Watched my first ever Bond movie tonight. Casino Royale.

I almost turned it off about 10 minutes in. If I had not paid $4 for it, I might have. Good thing I didnt. It turned out OK. I would watch more Bond.

Not as good as I was hoping though. I can do without a chase scene lasting 15 minutes with a bunch of complete bull**** mixed in. Thats why I almost turned it off. Dudes cant jump from 20 ft plus, land on top of buildings or the ground, and simply get up and resume running. Just catch the guy already and get to the ****ing point.

I enjoy the story and all. Im just not big on chase scenes and prolonged fighting scenes. I like the fighting scenes that demonstrate how bad ass Bond is, but I dont like it if they overdo it.

The guy from Person of Interest would have made a great Bond. Thats why I like that show. The guy is a total badass, but they dont spend 5 straight minutes showing him wipe out a bar. He takes care of it in 30 seconds or so.
He did play Jesus.

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Also, most of the old Sean Connery Bond movies are great. The Roger Moore ones were too but they got really cheesy after the first few.