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Women have their reasons for this ****, but you'll sooner take a dump on the moon than find out what they are. Maybe you did something without knowing, maybe her ex sent her a text message and she realizes she's not really over him, maybe she's gushing blood from her uterus and doesn't want to get it all over you.

Can't dwell on it, though. It'll just make you crazy. Plus you don't want to be a chump if she's just looking for a bit of attention from Mr. Nice Guy because she's not getting enough from someone else. The only thing you can be sure of is that it's not an accident. Most women are fanatically diligent about the lines of communication. If they're closed, it's purposeful. Women always think men have an agenda if we forget to call them back or something whereas usually we just forgot. Doesn't occur to the average woman to do that, though. They call. They keep in contact. That's natural for them. So when we forget they always assume a message is being sent, which is why you can always assume if they're doing it to you it is a message.

Im hoping its just some bull**** on her end thats not permanent. Its not like she completely cut me off. She was kinda around me and we talked and she laughed, but she just wasnt going for getting alone at all which was a total 180. And Im not junc and have the ability to see things through the prism of reality and realize that it isnt too often a girl wont roll with getting alone somewhere if shes into you, especially if youve already done that. Hell, she should be trying to get ME to go out my way.