Smith (tough call here but much in terms of FA class and we have Noone better)

Hartline (decent 2nd, great 3rd receiver, hard worker)

Starks (our best D player)

Fasano (decent no2, no other TE can inline block)

Let walk:
Bush (should be paid like and play the role of 3rd down back; tough call here as he is the only playmaker on O; hoping Miller can step in
And DT can learn how to hold on the rock).

McDaniel (if Odrick kicks inside to pair with Randall, he's expendable).

Clemons (should be replaceable, although wouldn't mind keeping him for depth).

Moore (would love to keep him, but he's going to want more opportunity)

Cogs (doesnt fit system)


4-5Starters on O:
1 OT (whatever spot Martin doesn't man, assuming Jake walks)
1-2 OG (cogs an jerry dont fit, 2 needed if samuda can't make the jump)
TE-fasano is our blocking TE, need one with height that can bust the seam an help in red zone
WR- need some speed here please

3 Starters on D:
1 DE (2 would be nice for depth)
1CB (smith can man the other, should draft 2 here)
1 SS (Clemons is decent depth, but shouldn't be starting)

total of 7-8 starters needed:

If we can hit home runs and count on our first 4 picks in the first 3 rounds starting (yeah right), as well as 2-3 FA, that should cover our bases.

Draft 2013:
1 (Trade down, pick up another 3rd)...TE Eifert
2 DE Dion Jordan...JPP/JT Clone
2 CB Trufant...need another CB!
3 SS Bacarri Rambo..last name does it

These first 4 picks penciled in as day 1 STARTERS.

3 OLB Chase Thomas
3 WR Stedman Bailey...IQ, routes, hands
4 ILB shayne Skov
5 bpa...rb/OG/OT
6 bpa
6 bpa
7 bpa

Other teams FA
WR Wallace
Starting OT
Startiing OG

Offense: 26
3 QB: Tannehill, devlin, rookie or journeyman
3RB: L. Miller, DT, Gray
1 FB: lane
6 WR: Wallace, Bailey
WR: Hartline, Mathews
WR: Bess, Moore/ Fuller
4TE: eifert, fasano, clay, Egnew
4OT Martin, FA starter, rd 5-7 pick, McDonald (current PS),
4OG FA starter, samuda, Jerry, rd 5-7 pick
1C: Pouncey (Samuda backup)

24 Defense:
4DT: Starks, Soliai, Odrick, randall
4DE: wake, Jordan, Vernon, Shelby
4OLB: Burnett, Misi, chase Thomas, kaddu
3ILB: dansby, skov, trusnick
4CB: smith, Trufant, Carroll, Wilson
5 S: R Jones, R. Marshall, B Rambo, Amaya


Overall depth still lacking, but definitely an upgrade on starting 22.