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I should be more clear with what I mean by "expression". When I say this I'm not talking about students wearing certain clothing or anything like that. What I mean is, we shouldn't be pushing any religious agenda on children in publicly funded schools.
Thanks for the clarification Rob,
I agree with you on this in principle, but this is why I think schools shouldn’t be publically funded because I think it is impossible to teach students anything without it somehow endorsing or criticizing a particular religious idea. My first job out of college was teaching at a Christian high school, and it was so much easier to teach when I didn’t have to worry about purposely or even accidentally endorsing or criticizing any particular religion. I am a huge proponent of school choice, I think if you wanted your kids to receive an education that was completely devoid of all religious influence you should be able to choose that school for your kids, but we need to get the government out of the education business because it causes all sorts of problems. Your thoughts?