Yes, I see your point Tyler, and it is a tough problem. However, I think we could find ways around it and still not have our government spending so much money on education. I actually had a student who was very similar to the one given in your example, her father passed away leaving only her and her mother. Her mother was an immigrant and cleaned houses for a living, yet we were able to get her an education using scholarships and she’s now in college and I feel she got a better education than she would have at a public school. It’s a tough problem but I think if privatizing schools is never allowed to be put on the table we may be eliminating the best option a priori. Thoughts?
I think certainly some kid would get into school for free, but a private system couldnt handle the burden of taking everyone that couldnt afford it IMO. And if they can only take so many kids for free or greatly reduced prices, how is it determined which kids will be so fortunate? It cant be merit based because starting out there would be no schooling history for any kid.

Im all about downsizing government, but public education is one thing thats pretty much here to stay. Theres no real way to privatize it and improve the country as a whole. Sure, some private schools are better than public schools, but its just not feasible to expect the private sector to eat the cost of all the kids that would need a lot of help to attend school. When you end up illiterate and have no prospects for landing a good job, all a sudden criminal activity doesnt sound like such a terrible idea.