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Thread: Michael Egnew

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    He has Jimmy Graham measurables, but appears to have Homer Simpson smarts and effort. If he can't see the field on a team desperate for what we assume was supposed to be his strength then I think he get's cut in the off season. We just can't afford to not fill this spot in this type of office with a young QB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zounds View Post
    We dont need a WR that runs a 4.6. Pass.
    We've already got two starting WRs running 4.6 or slower. Might as well have one that is big!

    Bess runs a 4.7 and Hartline a 4.6 -- rounded to the closest tenth, on average. People have no idea how the slowest starting WR tandem in the league impedes the Dolphins success on the field -- and limits RT as a QB. Anytime your starting WR has to get open by coming back to the QB on a regular basis [running hard back toward the line of scrimmage just to get a yard separation]... well, you know he's slow. It crunches the field down to where every play is played almost in a redzone box, because the D ABSOLUTELY doesn't have to worry about a deep threat. It limits the O and running game terribly. And makes RT hit zero opening windows for gains. Lots of pressure on a QB. And an impossible task, over the course of a season.

    And not only do the SLOW starting WRs impede the Offense, they also impede the D. Why? Because every day in practice our Defensive backs are going against WRs that are as slow as most teams starting LBs -- or slower. Then when they line up against WRs with legit NFL speed, they are not ready...

    Bottom line: We've got the slowest starting WR tandem in the league. Until Hartline and Bess are the 4 and 5 WR on this team, with legit NFL WRs at the 1 and 2, this team is doomed for mediocrity.

    It's amazing to me how people can get HIGH on mediocre talent. This DOOMS a team. Anyone with half an eye can see this, say, when it's the Jets. The Jets got high on mediocre talent Sanchez, and it's doomed them. It's kind of funny to see another team do it, lol. But when the FINS and FANS get so high on mediocre talent like Bess and Hartline, they fail to see how it dooms a team. But it does, every time.

    Can't get high on mediocre talent without creating a mediocre team.

    4.6 WR? We already got two, folks. And it ain't pretty.

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    I agree that we need to see more of Matthews and a little of Egnew. But Marlon Moore plays special teams and Matthews does not. As stated before, Egnew can't block. We need to see Lamar Miller, too. Even the Ireland haters would have to agree that if Miller, Egnew and Matthews show anything, you would have to consider last year's draft as "excellent." Tannehill, Martin and Olivier have already proven thay are a big part of the future of this team. If Josh Kaddu and Kheeston Randall can get on the field...holy cow! And since we're on Ireland, the 2011 draft produced Pouncey, Daniel Thomas, Charles Clay and Jimmy Wilson. The only three draft choices from the past two years that aren't with the team anymore are Clyde Gates, Frank Kearse and BJ Cunningham.
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