Here is the truth, aquas wont agree with... Because, well... Their aquaS! Same guys that said Chad Henne was going to be a star. Same guys that said they were happy we traded Brandon Marshall for Egnew and a 3rd round pick. (Brandon Marshall is now ELITE again... WONDER WHY?) Same guys that defend Ireland. Same guys that defend Ross... Same guys that still want the dolphins to franchise tag the worst left tackle in the game... Jake Long, And yes he is rated as the worst Left tackle in the league this season. Injury prone much? Matt Ryan much? Who is responsible for the last 10 years of draft classes? THE DOLPHINS BEST PICK IN 10 YEARS IS A PUNTER!!! BRANDON FIELDS!!! HOLY CRAP! When is anybody going to be held accountable? It is pretty obvious, it all starts at the top...

I honestly like Philbin, SERIOUSLY! I feel bad for him... Because for the same reason's Jeff Fisher turned down the job. Ireland and Ross will not let their coach (who actually understands the game of football and what he wants to do) make personnel moves. I know this thread will be deleted by a aquabot... But, it is important that people understand what is going on here. This team will NEVER be successful as long as Ross and Ireland are making the decisions. THINK ABOUT IT!!! We signed a West coast, offensive minded Coach and supplied him with a Rookie QB and ZERO WEAPONS in an offense that needs A LOT OF WEAPONS... IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Now don't get me wrong... Philbin is the right guy for the job. He is a very smart man. The team has been more competitive then I thought they would be. I feel Philbin has done a great job! Especially with the way he dealt with the team leaders after they cut Ochostinko. He was able to get them back in that mind set needed to win football games.

Rip me to shreds all you want... But I'm the same Dolphins fan as I was 15 years ago... I just don't wear aqua glasses...

Player comparison by their potential

#1 Luck = Steve Young

#2 RG3 = Randall Cunningham (maybe even better depending on long term health)

#3 Russel Wilson = Donovan McNabb

#4 Weeden = Trent Dilfer (Weeden ahead of Tannehill because his deep ball is always on point unlike Tannehill who needs to work on his deep ball)

#5 Tannehill = Joe MOMMA Flacco (As of now, I still want to see what he looks like with an elite TE or WR, both preferably)

Eat it, swallow it, and digest it... Because Finheaven is just like any other media outlet... People wont talk about are teams weakness's... If you do, 20 people jump all over you and your post gets deleted or buried! Its almost like you have to be "politically correct, leaning aqua"

But, its totally OK to make a thread with a title containing the word "playoffs" in it... HAHAHAHAHA DELUSIONAL !!!

But HEY, will talk about the Jets and Bills to make us feel better... But, let me tell you something... If you have to resort, to comparing yourself to the Jets and Bills to make yourself feel better... Take a step back and look at the entire league a little closer...