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Thread: Not for aquas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TANanhasaBUSH View Post
    aqua = blind people... You find them in politics and sports mostly... churned by the media and sports outlets...
    And religion. You find them more in religion than the other 2 combined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TANanhasaBUSH View Post
    IQ of 3? I got my college degree from FSU... Where did you get yours?
    Harvard, Brown, and Dartmouth. I majored in internet bravado.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphins7273 View Post
    The usual aqua suspects are the ones in here voting down this thread. Not surprised.
    Says the resident Negative Nancy. Irony is super.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dphins51 View Post
    Dolphins7273 I Totally agree, it is amazing that someone can't voice their frustration with the team and put it out there what they believe without being ridiculed.
    Do I agree with everything that was stated NO do I believe he has the right to post it ABSOLUTLEY!!! That is what makes Finheaven great !!!!

    I have been a member for 10 yrs and I have read/ viewed THOUSANDS of posts yet comment little. Why? Unless it is really something I believe is outlandish, just plain wrong or find Interesting I will comment. However I try to do that in a friendly way because we are ALL Dolphin fans here entitled to an opinion.

    I very rarely BASH people for what they believe in the forums, unless it is a Jet or Bills Troll who is just here to talk smack (Those folks I do not mind correcting). I think some of the folks that use this forum for nothing better than to demonize other Dolphin Fans opinions should take the forum for what it is,( a venting forum with other fans), rather than their attempt to be a “one line wonders poster” with their snide and more often rude remarks to other DolFans for voicing their views. Sometimes with no corresponding facts, just “You should be banned for your post” opinions. Get real !

    To my knowledge, there are no POSTERS to these forums that have NFL Personnel Management/ Front Office experience to which makes their Posts more knowledgeable than someone else’s view. If you are please identify yourselves as such and provide your credentials. Maybe we can get you a job in the Dolphin Front Office.

    We are all Fans of the Dolphins,(Myself for 40 years) and all want them to win and become frustrated when we do not get to enjoy the investment of our time and yes money on the team. We can sit here and constructively disagree on what each other thinks is in the best interest of the team, the issueI have is we bludgeon ourselves and nothing gets resolved because the Front Office people are not reading our Posts. We all know they should !

    I enjoy reading the Posts and will from time to time offer my views as I have in the past.
    Go Dolphins !!
    If one chooses to come here and voice their opinion, it's fair to receive both positive and negative responses. That's how it works.
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    I never have and never will agree with those who agreed with the so called "suck for Luck" campaign. These are the types of people who have never wanted to EARN a win through hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. Instead, they are content with losing on purpose to gain some sort of advantage. This happened in these past Olympics and it was looked down on by the entire sporting community. So much that they were disqualified. A true competitor never gives up. The OP is a quitter and a fool. I have zero respect for this type of person, NONE. ****ing quitters make me sick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TANanhasaBUSH View Post
    Here is the truth, aquas wont agree with... Because, well... Their aquaS! Same guys that said Chad Henne was going to be a star. Same guys that said they were happy we traded Brandon Marshall for Egnew and a 3rd round pick. (Brandon Marshall is now ELITE again... WONDER WHY?) Same guys that defend Ireland. Same guys that defend Ross... Same guys that still want the dolphins to franchise tag the worst left tackle in the game... Jake Long, And yes he is rated as the worst Left tackle in the league this season. Injury prone much? Matt Ryan much? Who is responsible for the last 10 years of draft classes? THE DOLPHINS BEST PICK IN 10 YEARS IS A PUNTER!!! BRANDON FIELDS!!! HOLY CRAP! When is anybody going to be held accountable? It is pretty obvious, it all starts at the top...

    I honestly like Philbin, SERIOUSLY! I feel bad for him... Because for the same reason's Jeff Fisher turned down the job. Ireland and Ross will not let their coach (who actually understands the game of football and what he wants to do) make personnel moves. I know this thread will be deleted by a aquabot... But, it is important that people understand what is going on here. This team will NEVER be successful as long as Ross and Ireland are making the decisions. THINK ABOUT IT!!! We signed a West coast, offensive minded Coach and supplied him with a Rookie QB and ZERO WEAPONS in an offense that needs A LOT OF WEAPONS... IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

    Now don't get me wrong... Philbin is the right guy for the job. He is a very smart man. The team has been more competitive then I thought they would be. I feel Philbin has done a great job! Especially with the way he dealt with the team leaders after they cut Ochostinko. He was able to get them back in that mind set needed to win football games.

    Rip me to shreds all you want... But I'm the same Dolphins fan as I was 15 years ago... I just don't wear aqua glasses...

    Player comparison by their potential

    #1 Luck = Steve Young

    #2 RG3 = Randall Cunningham (maybe even better depending on long term health)

    #3 Russel Wilson = Donovan McNabb

    #4 Weeden = Trent Dilfer (Weeden ahead of Tannehill because his deep ball is always on point unlike Tannehill who needs to work on his deep ball)

    #5 Tannehill = Joe MOMMA Flacco (As of now, I still want to see what he looks like with an elite TE or WR, both preferably)

    Eat it, swallow it, and digest it... Because Finheaven is just like any other media outlet... People wont talk about are teams weakness's... If you do, 20 people jump all over you and your post gets deleted or buried! Its almost like you have to be "politically correct, leaning aqua"

    But, its totally OK to make a thread with a title containing the word "playoffs" in it... HAHAHAHAHA DELUSIONAL !!!

    But HEY, will talk about the Jets and Bills to make us feel better... But, let me tell you something... If you have to resort, to comparing yourself to the Jets and Bills to make yourself feel better... Take a step back and look at the entire league a little closer...

    Without getting into the rest of your post... the premise of your post with it's title is that if someone doesn't agree with you - then they are a "aqua".

    It's the Christmas season and you finish your post with "GO JESUS" so I will say what I am thinking with a little less intensity.

    Please go look up what an "Ad hominem" logical fallacy is. If you want to state your opinion... OK. Just don't put a label on those of us who don't agree with you.
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