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We can't keep letting go of our good players just because they disagree with the coach. This is getting old! We can't expect to have choir boys and "yes men" players and still be able to compete with elite teams. We need to have some "bad boys" in the locker room, somebody that will light fires up peoples arses and get the team fired up. We don't have that because our staff is worried about image more than winning..... I wanna win baby!!!
I don't want to relase Dansby either - he's a great asset - but he can't keep questioning the coaches' decisions to the media, and creating a distraction for the team. And who says you need "bad boys" to be an elite team? Name one Patriot who questions Belichick's judgement to the media. Or name one player from any of the last 3 Super Bowl teams who did that with their coaches. Elite teams are marked by professionalism nowadays, not individualistic loudmouths.